The Truth About Pit Bulls

pit bull puppy   The Truth About Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls have a reputation  as mean, ferocious dogs who would kill you if they had the chance.  One reason for this is the media.  Whenever there is an attack by a pit bull,  they’ll refer to it as a pit bull, whereas if it was another breed such as a Labrador, they only say it was a “dog.” The bad rap on pit bulls is not entirely fair, nor true.  Humans have shaped pit bulls to what they are now.

Dog fighters have used pit bulls because of their sturdy stature and strong jaws.  But even as these dogs  were trained to fight ferociously amongst other dogs, they were trained never to bite their handlers. The breed of pit bulls has gone through an immense change in the dogs they used to be. People are now starting to breed  these dogs as family companions; they specifically pick out dogs with non-aggressive traits, contributing to a breed that will steal your heart if you give them the chance.

Pit Bulls are some of the most smart caring dogs, helping people all over the world, for instance:

In training for the war, one soldier found an abandoned brindle pit bull.  That pit bull trained with navy, and was even smuggled onto the field, where he saved hundreds of men, and became the most decorated war dog in U.S. History.

David Sharpe, a war veteran who suffered from depression and PTSD, found salvation in saving a pit bull puppy named Cheyenne. This led him to found P2V (Pets to Vets), which places dogs needing homes with veterans.

Carol Guzy / The Washington Post

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Pit Bulls have earned a bad reputation because of what humans have done to them. It’s time we give them another chance.

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